Sunday, May 22, 2011

Quantaye Smyre- South Iredell HS

A natural athlete who plays on both sides of the ball. He shows exceptional vision when running the ball. The ability to change direction is what makes him a playmaker. Also, does a good job in the return game. At first glance, his size would be a concern, but plays much bigger than his size. The offense that he plays in really allows him to get the ball in his hands to display his game changing ability.
His back pedal ability needs improvement. There was several times in the film where he was very high in his stance, which made it hard for him to break on the ball. Also, it looks like he played a lot of zone coverage, which exposed his technique of opening up and running as soon as the ball was snapped. He could use his arms to drive back faster in his backpedal. It looks like he relies on his athletic ability speed a lot to make plays on the ball. That is fine for HS, but will not work with faster more experienced WR’s in college. There was not much film of him playing bump and run coverage which could be a technique that is used in the college he chooses to attend.

The ability that makes him a threat in the defensive backfield is his instincts to react to the QB and WR. This is where his time spent on offense has helped him on the defensive side of the ball. He quickly reacts to routes the receivers run and immediately changes to direction to make a play on the ball. He also shows he has good hands to make interceptions and will catch the ball at the highest point. What impressed me the most is he will get “dirty.” It is not often you will find players that play both sides of the ball that are not afraid to hit you. He has a hard hitting mentality that could help him compete at the next level. It will be interesting to see how this young prospect develops.

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